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 What did the nut say to the nutcracker?

You crack me up!


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Boy wearing Santa hat making a nutcracker Kid painting a nutcracker Boy in class making a nutcracker
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Hey Kids, Can You Make a Nutcracker?!?!?!

Use your imagination, design your own nutcracker and you just might win a cash prize!



Kids Love Nutcrackers and Nutcracker Lady loves kids....  so put the two together and you have this fascinating website. It is designed for young ones to learn about nutcrackers.. how they are made, where they are made, and just what materials are used. All children recognize the wooden toy soldier nutcrackers displayed at Christmas time, but this is only one segment in the history of nutcrackers!

Nuts have been part of the diets of humans for thousands of years, and the instruments they have used to open the shells make a fascinating study. There is no other tool or collectible which utilizes so many materials and designs. Yes, the history of the nutcracker is a wondrous display of the creativity of man.

We hope parents and teachers will use this site to introduce students to this fascinating world of nutcrackers.


It may be a soldier, it may be a king but kids love nutcrackers
It may be a pilot, it may be a queen but kids love nutcrackers
It may be a shepherd, a clown or a cook
It may be a painter, or mean Captain Hook
It may be a rabbit, a mouse or a bear, kids just love nutcrackers

It may be a painter, it may be Saint Nick, but kids love nutcrackers
It may be a cowboy, it may be a dwarf, but kids love nutcrackers
It may be from Scotland or Russia or France
It may be the Spaniard who just loves to dance
It may be the Wizard, the Tinman or Lion, kids just love  nutcrackers

Author: Arlene Wagner, The Nutcracker Lady

13 year old Ulbricht Nutcracker Winner!


Willy the Weasel

With his name of “Willy the Weasel”, Jonathan of Bend, Oregon won an Ulbricht nutcracker designed after the boat builder of the Santa Maria.

Young Nutcracker Enthusiasts in China


It's a world-wide love for the nutcracker!

Kids from all over the world love nutcrackers.

These two girls are listening carefully as the Nutcracker Lady tells them all about Nutcrackers when she was visiting China in 2015.



Life-size Mouse King greets you at the door!


Which part of the nutcracker actually cracks the nut?

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