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Who is the Nutcracker Lady?

Her name is Arlene Wagner, and for many years she was known as "Miss Arlene", a nationally recognized dance teacher who instilled the love of dance in thousands of students. It was while teaching the Nutcracker Ballet that she, like Clara, became fascinated with these toothy characters. Then at a large antique show she and her husband discovered many other interesting kinds of nutcrackers and soon they were avid collectors. When it was time to put away the dance shoes, the Wagner's moved to Leavenworth and opened a shop specializing in German nutcrackers. Because of her extensive knowledge one writer called Arlene "The Nutcracker Lady" and so she has been ever since.

In 1995 the Wagner's donated their collection to the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum, so that it would be enjoyed by many people for generations to come. You will find the The Nutcracker Lady there, ready to introduce you to the fascinating world of nutcrackers.






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